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Episode 13 — National League, HOF, and Native American Mascots

In which Matt and Jason discuss where the power lies in the National League and how that has shifted this winter, whether the Hall of Fame should matter (or exist), and the new Braves batting practice caps (and the Braves/Indians as a team name in general).

Non-topics: whether 33 is the same as “like 34”; male bisons; Pink’s hot dogs.

Thing Jason said that’s wrong: “everybody had agriculture!”

Thing Jason should have said: “everybody had ways of getting food that didn’t involve murder!”

Episode 12 — The Blue Jays, Minor-League Signings, and Edwin Jackson

In which Matt and Jason talk about the Blue Jays and the state of the A.L. East in the wake of the R.A. Dickey trade; how you judge general managers when they make minor-league reclamation signings (like Rich Harden or Scott Kazmir); and Edwin Jackson’s new deal and how soon before he’s traded.

Comment, email, tweet, etc. are all welcome and may even be addressed on the podcast!

Episode 11 — Red Sox, Josh Hamilton, $300 million

In which Matt and Jason discuss whether the Red Sox have defied expectations this offseason after emptying out their payroll during 2012, the Josh Hamilton deal with the Angels, and when the first $300 million contract will happen.

(I don’t think I can post this without acknowledging that it’s weird to put up a frivolous baseball podcast given the news out of Newtown, CT, but we recorded it last night and it’s not like putting it up means you have to listen to it. But it’s there if you want it.)

Episode 10 — Blast-off!

In Episode 10, Matt and Jason talk about Dan Haren’s hip, shoulder, back, and $13 million paycheck, the value of rumor-mongering at the Winter Meetings, and whether the Phillies gave up too much for Ben Revere.

Episode 9 — Wright, Myers, Murder

In this episode, Matt and Jason talk David Wright’s extension, Wil Myers being shopped, and who they’d bump off.