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Episode 16 — Soriano, Duquette/Showalter, interpreters

In which Matt and Jason talk about Rafael Soriano’s new two-year (plus option) deal, the five-year extensions for Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter, and what the rule allowing managers to bring managers to the mound means for who/what else might be allowed to come to the mound in the future.

Non-topics: cookies, waffles, racism, zombies, haircuts, hockey, human organs, ska, Joey Cat, and John Jaso’s beard.

Episode 15 — Justin Upton, marijuana, and the Tea Party

In which Matt and Jason talk about the failed Justin Upton trade, Jonathan Singleton’s absurd 50-game suspension for marijuana, and, if the sabermetric community are like the Tea Party, who are the anarchists, fascists, and Whigs of baseball?

Non-topics: Frederick Wiseman, The West Wing, washing dishes, DOING THIS, and the most unfortunately named Hall of Famer in history.

Episode 14 — AL power, 2011 free agent review, Delmon Young

In which Matt and Jason review how the A.L. has changed so far this offseason, how well the top of the winter 2011-12 free-agent class worked out, and who Delmon Young will play for in 2013.

Other topics include skiing and some things I forgot.