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Episode 20 — Lohse, Ventura, Stanton, and facial hair

In which Matt and Jason talk about Kyle Lohse remaining unsigned, Robin Ventura’s decision to turn down an extension of his contract with the White Sox, why the Marlins haven’t yet traded Giancarlo Stanton, and whether the Yankees’ facial hair policy is silly, weird, bad, or what.

We also answer about 20 Twitter questions of varying shapes and sizes but uniform levels of brilliance.

There’s a weirdly large amount of labor law.

Episode 19 — Michael Bourn, the WBC, and spring training

In which Matt and Jason mostly agree on Michael Bourn but have totally opposing views on the value of the World Baseball Classic and spring training.

A cat goes missing.

Episode 18 — King Felix, the worst teams, and the Rays

In which Matt and Jason discuss Felix Hernandez’s massive contract extension, which teams are likely to be the worst in each league, and whether moving the Rays to New York would make any sense.

Also discussed: how many Marlins relievers we’ve heard of before; R.J. Anderson’s shocking youth; how much Jesus Montero’s pitch-framing will cost Felix Hernandez; whether it’s even legal to trade a pitcher named “Bud” out of Houston.

Not discussed: how mean it would be to take the Rays away from their fans.

Advertisers involve a new Mazda and a cat book. What we did this week includes an aquarium and horse-racing.

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Episode 17 — Qualifying offers, PED whining, and managers writing books

The subjects, they are in the header. We spend our second segment talking a lot about this article.

Thanks for your tweets, all of which were answered and only one of which was mocked. Thanks to Matt’s wife for the intro. Good night and good luck.