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Episode 25 — Wells, Wainwright, Apologies

In which Matt and Jason discuss the Vernon Wells trade and Adam Wainwright extension before moving on to how shitty teams ought to apologize to their fans.

Episode 24 — Catcher framing, Over/Under

Only two topics this week, as we went long on each, but we talked about whether we should be buying the big pitch-framing numbers for players like Jose Molina and looked at one list of over/unders for all 30 teams. This one went a tad long.

No “what we did this week” but there are significant quantities of nipples and alcohol

Episode 23 — Carlos Gomez, chemistry, and bunts

In which Matt and Jason talk about the new Carlos Gomez contract, whether clubhouse chemistry is worth 24 wins, and why Joe Torre should just go home.

If you stick around to the very end, Jason has a very special surprise for you.

Episode 22 — Bloggies, Yankees, and Crawford

In which Matt and Jason overcome technical issues to pound out a full podcast anyway. We discuss whether bloggers could run baseball teams, how the Yankees will fare given their injury woes, and Carl Crawford’s comments about the horrors of the Boston media.

Also: Ferris wheels, tennis, a new ESPN show, and the WBC.

Episode 21 — Jeffrey Loria and technical issues

Due to a technical problem, the only topic this week is Jeffrey Loria’s weird letter to fans, which you can find here. We also answer Twitter questions.

UPDATE: Our friend Paul Sporer pointed out to us that the typos from which we take much merriment in the Loria letter are not actually in the Loria letter, but are transcription errors in the copy we were reading (the same copy that’s linked above). I’m annoyed, and I also apologize to Mr. Loria for thinking that he doesn’t have a copy-editor on staff.

Everything that we said about the content stands.