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Season 2, Episode 1

After seven months off, we’re back with a look at what the hell we did for the last seven months, as well as what the Red Sox and A’s did during that time. We also had some live listeners. Neat?


We’ll be back!

Episode 64 — Josh Byrnes and David Price

Josh Byrnes got fired, David Price could get fired, and a new brewery is now pouring in Jason’s neighborhood.

Episode 63 — Death and Destruction

RIP Tony Gwynn and Bob Welch. Sorry about your elbow, Matt Wieters. Sorry you’re not good pitchers anymore, Justin Verlander and Trevor Cahill. Sorry you have no idea what a plate appearance is, Ruben Amaro.

Episode 62 — Outfields

Matt and Jason talk bad outfields, revising history, and beanball wars. It’s long.

Episode 61 — Mostly Tommy John

It’s a bandwagon and we had to jump on it. But we also ranked the six first-place teams by likelihood of still being in first place come end of season and marveled at Tim Hudson.

There were also jokes.

Episode 60 — We back!

It’s a new episode, the first in months, and hopefully the first of many. Topics are plentiful.


In which nothing happened this week so Matt and Jason spend a few minutes on a lot of little things, such as: Mike Trout getting $1 million; Harold Reynolds in the FOX booth; spring training injuries; and more.

Episode 58 — Braves extensions

We also talked about Ubaldo Jimenez to the Orioles, A.J. Burnett to the Phillies, and Bronson Arroyo to the Diamondbacks, but mainly it’s the Braves and dry riverbeds.

Episode 57 — Derek Jeter and free agents still on the market

Derek Jeter announces that 2014 is his last year. What does it all mean?!!?

Also, some guys are still available to sign to baseball teams. Is it just the qualifying offer? Should more players be accepting?