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Episode 45 — Are the Red Sox like the A’s? And Jose Fernandez

Specifically, how Mike Redmond is a dink.

Episode 43 — Playoff update and Miguel Cabrera

Specifically, is there even a race in the NL and would you sign Cabrera to a big deal right now?

Episode 42 — Dempster v. A-Rod; Atlanta Barves

We drink Boulevard’s Double-Wide IPA, talk about A-Rod, Dempster, and David Ortiz, and then move to Atlanta and their place in the NL after the Jason Heyward and Brandon Beachy injuries.

Episode 41 — Replay and Cholly

Matt and Jason talk the new replay rules and Charlie Manuel. Also a new experiment: we simultaneously drink a beer that neither of us have tried. The same beer. You’ll figure it out.

Episode 40 — Chase Utley, Jack Clark

Matt wants people to play with, then Jason joins for a discussion of the new Chase Utley contract, why the Phillies do things, and the Jack Clark comments about Albert Pujols using steroids.

Episode 39 — Alex Rodriguez, Mike Rizzo

In Episode 39, after Matt sweats, he and Jason talk about a Little League-type rule change from a listener email, then the PED situation, then Mike Rizzo’s new contract extension and promotion.

Episode 38 — Ryan Braun, Matt Garza, *poop*

Episode 38 has talk of the Ryan Braun suspension, Matt Garza being traded to the Rangers, and a filthy-mouthed robot.

Episode 37 — First-“half” awards!

Matt and Jason go long and hand out all (Manager, Rookie, Cy Young, MVP) their first-“half” awards.