Episode 56 — Somebody Gave Us a Projection System

In which Matt and Jason examine Clay Davenport’s early projected standings and talk about who is best set up for a 10-year run of excellence. Also the Super Bowl.

Episode 55 — Masahiro Tanaka, Bobby Abreu, and others

We spend most of this episode on Masahiro Tanaka signing with the Yankees and the various ramifications of that, but we also talk about the other end of the spectrum: minor signings like Grady Sizemore, Bobby Abreu, Jeff Francoeur, and others.

Episode 54 — Scouts these days and Clayton Kershaw

Also, who will the next Roc Nation Sports client be?

Episode 53 — Free agents past and present; Mariners president

We’re back! It’s glorious! It’s long! It’s back!

Episode 52 — Advanced coaching and Carlos Ruiz

These topics are not related. We talked Rick Eckstein, Matt Martin, the blend of coaching and front offices, increased specialization, comparisons to football and basketball, and more. In the second topic, we asked whether the Carlos Ruiz deal was a good deal, whether the concept of the Phillies continuing to attempt to win is a good concept, and who might be responsible.

Episode 50 — World Series Game 6 is coming!

Not ten minutes after the end of Game 5, Matt and Jason started recording. An hour later, Episode 50 was in the can. Historic!

Episode 48 — Playoffs!

We check in on the goings-on in the playoffs. Because this is a baseball podcast and the playoffs are happening.

Episode 47 — Playoff Preview and Mariano Rivera

Who’s gonna win it all? Who’s gonna go on a World Gift-Gettin’ Tour next?