Episode 6 — World Series!

In episode six, Matt and Jason talk about the difficulties of predicting the World Series, whether some teams are built for the playoffs more than others, the proliferation of front-office employees and coaches in baseball, and three-ways. Glorious, glorious three-ways.

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Episode 5 — More playoffs!

In episode five, Matt and Jason go a little long, but it’s OK, because they talk about:

  • the Yankees-Orioles series, and specifically whether all that pitching met their expectations
  • whether the Orioles will be back next year
  • whether the A’s will be back next year
  • Alex Rodriguez’s place on the Yankees now and into the future
  • Joey Votto’s contract

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Episode 4 – Playoffs!

Matt and Jason talk about a variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • The wild-card play-in system
  • The Orioles vs. the Yankees
  • Brandon Moss v. Nate McLouth
  • The booing of Josh Hamilton
  • What is between a dick and an asshole

Episode 3 — Jason’s sound sucks

Here, Matt and Jason talk about managers, the AL playoffs, and whether we’ll be rooting for the Orioles.